What is a Hackathon?

According to Hackathon.guide;

  • Hacking is creative problem solving (It does not have to be about technology).
  • A hackathon is any event of any duration where people come together to solve problems

In an effort to help push innovation in logistics while promoting and nurturing talent in the industry, we want to tackle the conundrum: 'How are logistics companies going to innovate to drive business in 2016 and beyond?' That's why we've put together the Disrupt Logistics Hackathon: Europe so we can bring together the brightest young talent at the industry's premier event - the 3PL Summit and Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum. 

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Disrupt Logistics

Logistics faces two major challenges right now - innovation, and attracting the best talent. We want Disrupt Logistics to drive the solution to both these challenges forward.

Haley Garner, Head of Research and Content, eft

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The Hackathon is open to anyone studying or working in supply chain with 2 years or less experience OR is under 30!

  • Students
  • Logistics professionals
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Solution providers
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And these confirmed participants:

  • XPO
  • CEVA
  • Cat
  • Inspired

Why enter Disrupt Logistics Hackathon: Europe?

  • One of a kind opportunity! Meet the CEOs of some of supply chain’s most innovative companies to show them your burgeoning talent!
  • Help the industry evolve: Get involved and help create a solution to a real industry problem with like-minded people
  • Be seen as the best youg talent by 400 industry executives: The winners of the Hackathon will be presented their prize at the industry's flagship event, the 14th annual European 3PL Summit and CSCO Forum
  • Network and learn for FREE! Take the opportunity to meet and learn from the best in the business as the industry converge for the annual European 3PL Summit and CSCO Forum
  • Hackathon Prizes - including internships, leading industry mentorships and other cool stuff!
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When is Disrupt Logistics Hackathon: Europe?

October 10th, Venlo, Netherlands

Winners announced during the welcome reception

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How do I Disrupt Logistics?

  • You are a full-time student or have less than 2 years experience in supply chain or logistics OR are under 30 years old to enter
  • Simply fill in the registration form here
  • eft will contact you to confirm your registration has been accepted and send you details on the day's format
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 Disrupt Logistics Hackathon: Europe

We're currently in the process of getting the industry to chose the specific problem it wants our Hackathoners to solve. 

Once that's decided, we need young, tlanted minds to help tackle this challenge and shed some new ideas on how to address them:

  • Hackathon participants will be divided into teams, assigned the week before the event.
  • Participants will be challenged to complete:
    • A lean business canvas - a simplified business plan outlining the key components of your idea such as: your target customer segment, revenue streams, cost structure, unique value proposition etc. 
    • An MVP (minimum viable product) - an ultra simplified prototype of your product that demonstrates the very basic functionality of your idea. (It can be as simple as some drawings that recreate the very basic functionality of your idea to your target customer)
    • Present the two above to the hackathon panel

Each team will be briefed on how they can achieve the above, and mentors will be on hand to help teams through each component.

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Industry Endorsements & Testimonials

  • Lanetix

    "It was a great experience and rewarding to both the mentors and participants. Lots of creative, "blue sky" thinking came out of this process."

    - Cary Dittmann, VP and GM - Logistics Sector, Lanetix
  • J.B. Hunt

    "It was a neat event to be part of."

    - Eric McGee, Sr VP Transportation, J.B. Hunt
  • Hub Group

    "Our team’s variety of career backgrounds and experience synergized well as we broke down the project and differentiated roles. All together we represented IT, supply chain, logistics, marketing, finance and analysis, so I think the diversity gave us a nice balance as we shared ideas and explored opportunities."

    - Michael McDonald, Senior Cost Analyst, Hub Group

Disrupt Logistics Hackathon: Europe Judging Panel

If you’d like to be considered to join the judging team of the hackathon, please email Haley Garner at hgarner@eft.com

  • Hugh Williams
    Hughenden Consulting
    Hugh Williams MD
    Hughenden Consulting
    View Bio

    Hugh has been consulting in the Supply Chain sector for more than 25 years and delivered millions of pounds of business improvement to clients all over the world. Hugh’s consultancy career began in 1983 when he joined Creative Output to work alongside Dr Eli Goldratt, manufacturing guru who wrote “The Goal,” and conceived the Theory of Constraints” (TOC), both of which the supply chain planning community have embraced as seminal bodies of work. This experience inspired and shaped Hugh’s successful consulting career and his business venture, Hughenden Consulting, which he launched in 2001.

    In addition to directing and managing Hughenden Consulting, Hugh lends his considerable consulting expertise to a range of services including creating dialogue, understanding and buy-in between project sponsors and senior management colleagues. Hugh also mentors executives on how their companies can manage and even profit from organisational complexity through best practices in supply chain planning.

    Hugh has earned a reputation as a lively keynote speaker and has appeared on many platforms for professional and commercial software organizations across UK, France, Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

  • Edwin Tuyn
    Inspired Search
    Edwin Tuyn Managing Director
    Inspired Search
    View Bio

    Speaker bio coming soon.

  • Jesper Bennike
    GateHouse Logistics
    Jesper Bille Bennike CEO
    GateHouse Logistics
    View Bio

    Jesper Bennike has a background in the semiconductor markets, handling enterprise-level customers and growing accounts into multi-million dollar customers within the camera flash LED sector. He then served as vice president for Seoul Semiconductors for its mobile device business unit with responsibility for product development and global sales. In 2014, he was appointed vice president of business development with mobile intelligence and connectivity leader Tweakker, now part of Spirent Communications plc.

    As CEO of GateHouse Logistics, Jesper leads the business and software development teams of the firm’s flagship product ghTrack and sector modules. He holds an electronic engineering degree from the University of Copenhagen.

  • Chris Roe
    Chris Roe Amazon
    View Bio

    Chris Roe is the Head of EU Supply Chain Finance at Amazon, supporting our European network of fulfillment centers, supply chain systems and transportation networks. This team is responsible for driving the financials behind fulfilling millions of orders to customers who live in every corner of the world. The focus is on improving customer experience whilst reducing costs at every point of the end to end supply chain. This involves simplifying its complexity by developing cutting edge technology, such as robots and drones, and at an unparalleled scale. To achieve it, he is working hard to attract some of the brightest minds in the world to help Amazon become Earth’s most customer-centric company.

    Chris is responsible for leading the finance function in the areas of network design, inventory optimization, demand planning, production planning and cost optimization and is currently looking forward to the challenge of managing a successful peak sales period.

    Prior to joining Amazon, Chris spent ten years working at the discount retailer ALDI in a variety of positions in stores, administration, logistics and finance, latterly as Finance Director. Chris holds a Master of Arts (MA Oxon), Philosophy, Politics and Economics from University of Oxford and Certificate in Financial Mathematics from Institute of Actuaries.

  • Daniel Wood
    Daniel Wood Vice President Major projects & Innovation
    DHL Supply Chain MLEMEA
    View Bio

    • Vice President Major projects & Innovation - DHL Supply Chain MLEMEA Present
    • Vice President Business Development - DHL Supply Chain North Asia 2013 - 2015
    • Vice President Business Development & Solutions -DHL Supply Chain Middle East & Africa 2005 - 2013
    • Global Business Development Manager - EMEA - Exel PLC 2004 - 2005
    • Excel Europe PLC ‐ European Vendor Manager - Exel - Pininfarina 2002 - 2004
    • Unipart Group of Companies - DCM ‐ MG Rover / Jaguar Aftermarket Business Unit 1998 - 2002
    • Harvard Business School - Global Strategic Management. 2008 / 2009.
    • University of Kent. UK. ‐ BA (Hons) Economics and European Politics. (Italian) 2000
    • Universitá degli studi di Bologna, Italy.
    • International Relations and Economics. Facoltá di Economia.
    • Spoken Languages: English and Italian

  • Ivo L Te Koppele
    Ivo te Koppele Global Technology Services, TSS SPO
    Senior Service Logistics Supply Chain Manager EMEA
    View Bio

    Ivo te Koppele is a senior service logistics supply chain manager at IBM supporting customers in EMEA with a closed loop supply chain with a capability to deliver parts within two hours in EMEA. This is possible due to a synchronized centralized managed network off warehouses and distribution lanes.

    Ivo’s focus on the customer journey is to increase customer loyalty on service while lowering costs and assets through the forward and reversed supply chain. To achieve this Ivo has lead various teams and projects at EMEA and Global level to improve sourcing, network design, forecasting, forward and reversed distribution, setting up new competence center and improve information sharing in the chain and final customers.

    In his sparetime you can find Ivo sailing on a catamaran or cooking for friends and relatives.

    Ivo holds a university degree in Economy from the Tilburg University.

Disrupt Logistics Hackathon: Europe Mentors

If you’d like to serve as a hackathon mentor, please email Haley Garner at hgarner@eft.com

  • Martijn Graat
    Martijn Graat Founder
    View Bio

    Martijn Graat is the founder of LogisticsMatter, an online supply chain and logistics news platform. On that platform he blogs about supply chain and logistics trends and developments. He also aggregates and shares key news and background articles on its social channels. LogisticsMatter is one of the world's biggest independent logistics blogs. Martijn is a well known speaker on this subject and is a frequently asked blogger on supply chain and logistics events. Next to that Martijn helps organizations in the logistics arena with their social media and content marketing efforts.

  • Tony de Wolf
    National Air Cargo
    Tony de Wolf National Air Cargo
    View Bio

    Born in Grootebroek, about 60km North from Amsterdam, Tony the Wolf studied in several places in the country. He started with Aviation Operations where he learned how to really calculate everything needed before an aircraft lifts up. This involved cargo, passengers, fuel and even meteorology. After his Aviation study which was located next to the Airport, he gained his bachelor´s degree in Logistics and Economy at the University of Amsterdam. How to get from A to B in the most efficient and effective way. That is where it’s all about these days. LEAN and GREEN.

    In Mr. de Wolf’s second life he travelled around the world with his team to compete in World Championships of Formation Dancing where of the many accomplishments he gained 5th place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 2013. After 15 years of dancing next to a full time job this came to an end.

    Now Mr. de Wolf is Key Account Manager with National Air Cargo (NAC) and is well-grounded within operational matters. NAC specializes in delivering precious cargo to the most remote parts of the globe. In one instance alone, they moved 3500 tons of freight to 18 destinations across the Middle East within 11 days from pickup to delivery. They delivered critical assembly components to a major Japanese automaker on time, when any delay would have cost millions per day in lost productivity.

  • soon
    Thomas van Vliet DSV Solutions
    View Bio

    Bio coming soon.

See the North American Disrupt Logistics Winners here!

Winners of the Disrupt Logistics Hackathon: Europe 2016

US Disrupt Logistics Supporters

dynamo kenco

SEKO Transfix

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