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Conference Agenda

We are currently pulling together the agenda and speaker list for 2017. If you would like to be part of the research or join the speaking list, please put forward your suggestions to

08:30 - 09:00
Take advantage of Asia-Pacific growth

Gain insights into how Singapore has become a key hub for accessing APAC, and the strong opportunities this presents for both 3PLs and retailers.

  • Weigh in on the trade hub of APAC: Debate whether or not Singapore still holds its crown in the region or if shifts in regional manufacturing and global demand have put it under threat
  • Discover Smart Singapore: Find out how Singapore is ushering in a new era of connected supply chains to grow an efficient network with a smart logistics infrastructure
  • Influence the future of Singapore: With government funding aiding Singapore’s position, discover ways to leverage support in order to launch competitive connected services

Speaker Logo Vivek Vaidya VP Mobility Frost & Sullivan

08:30 - 09:00
Become more customer-centric

As the customer comes ever closer to the point of manufacture, explore ways to meet high expectations for demand-driven, customized and consistently excellent customer service.

  • Achieve complete customer insight: Define your customers, segments and touchpoints to ensure your customer strategy avoids blind spots and meets end-to-end requirements
  • Use data to improve your strategy: Understand and measure KPIs to deliver an effective customer-centric supply chain strategy, including retention, churn and Net Promoter Scores
  • Deliver real-time visibility: Empower customers to provide instant, detailed feedback using cloud collaboration platforms, customer support and mobile

Speaker Logo Suresh Dalai Head of Retail Merchandising, AMEA Levis

08:30 - 09:00
Use digitalization to disrupt logistics

With the logistics and supply chain industry undergoing a technological revolution, hear ways that forward-thinking leaders are embracing IT transformation to stay ahead.

  • Ensure organisational survival: Understand the true benefits of going digital while learning to anticipate, adapt and transform supply chains for reliability and performance
  • Transform your supply chain: Chart a roadmap to success for effectively using digitalization, artificial intelligence and standardization to enable supply chain transformation
  • Apply learning from the leaders: Explore case studies that highlight ways to make the most of digital tools and independent networks to bypass distributors and retain more profit

Speaker Logo Raanan Cohen CEO Bringg

08:30 - 09:00
Manage talent in a digitalized economy

Rapid digitalization is disrupting industry structures and redefining the rules of competition globally.

Take control of how you build the next generation of logistics networks.

  • Embrace changing talent requirements: Discover how market leaders are attracting technical talent to design the new digital architecture of their businesses
  • Cultivate innovation: Drive change through reshaping internal culture to provide a supportive and creative environment
  • Manage digital migration: Direct the soft transfer of culture in your workforce to align staff with change, while consistently delivering excellent customer experiences

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3PL Focus
08:30 - 09:00
Breaking Down International Borders for Seamless Trade

Ever-changing trade regulations and growing customer demand is resulting in a logistics and supply chain environment that is more complex than ever before. Despite this, learn how logistics providers are helping businesses to break down international border barriers in their pursuit to go global.

  • Complexity in the supply chain and global trade
  • How to help businesses navigate customs and trade complexity in the pursuit to go global
  • Delivering on the vision of a logistics experience that is seamlessly global

Speaker Logo Bruce Kidwell VP of Customs Brokerage & Trade Management UPS

08:30 - 09:00
Design an eCommerce logistics network in a complex environment

E-commerce presents unique challenges for 3PL delivery networks locally and globally. Optimize your eCommerce logistics network to ensure a high quality of service across borders.

  • Assess last mile delivery strategies: Weigh the pros and cons of different models such as drones, bicycle delivery, autonomous vehicles, and parcel lockers to select the best fit for your operation
  • Weight the unbanked against the cashless: Understand complexities and create a tailored approach to cross-border eCommerce, including cash transactions on receipt of goods and unbanked populations
  • Collaborate with Local Partners: Take advantage of existing infrastructure and reduce costs by working alongside local delivery partners to fulfill consumer expectations

Speaker Logo Jason Stevens VP of Fulfillment in Asia Pacific DHL eCommerce

08:30 - 09:00
Witness the rise of the 4PL

As the uberization of freight begins, gain insights from new players who, without assets, industry knowledge or connections, are forcing change in spite of traditionally high barriers to entry.

  • The democratization of freight: Predict who will win between 3PLs and 4PLs, as increasing transparency means shippers are equipped with more information than ever before
  • The customer comes first: Find out how 4PLs are improving quote time, enhancing decision-making and increasing end-to-end visibility by bringing the supply chain online
  • When disruption requires a strategy overhaul: Experience ways companies like Amazon and Uber are adapting to shifting shipper demands and leveraging agility for competitive edge

Speaker Logo John Chen VP Asia C.H. Robinson

08:30 - 09:00
Discover new 3PL business models

M&As and exclusive partnerships are reducing the bargaining power of 3PLs, resulting in a buyers’ market of low cost freight. Find out how niche markets and services provide opportunities to stay ahead.

  • Introduce spare parts manufacturing: Unlock the potential in spare parts manufacturing as a 3PL-offered service, adding value with defined lead time and reduced complexity
  • Deliver software solutions: Understand the benefits and costs of providing software to enable global supply chain visibility across a customer's organization
  • Establish industry vertical dominance: Leverage expertise in a single vertical to deepen market penetration and deliver tailored, customized services to retain and grow business

Speaker Logo Markus Jelleschitz Managing Director Gebrüder Weiss

08:30 - 09:00
Rethink your warehouse strategy

With the warehouse operation playing a significant role in the advancement of any company, learn how to meet increasingly demanding customer expectations by adapting your warehouse strategy.

  • Design for efficiency: Enhance speed and reduce costs by measuring the requirements of your distribution centers in relation to order sizes
  • Manage seasonality: Maximize revenue by exploring ways to leverage your warehousing space across all seasons
  • Introduce new warehouse services: Increase your offering through unique services such as product customization, to attract business and deliver more of the value chain
08:30 - 09:00
Enhance distribution models using the cognitive supply chain

Experience first-hand how 3PLs are minimizing logistics costs at a route-by-route level by using data to optimize physical factors and identify alternatives to centralized distribution centers.

  • Improve distribution with data: Use data to evaluate opportunities, such as decentralized nodes, to serve customers more efficiently and minimize high last mile transportation costs
  • Increase in-transit visibility: Save time on deliveries by improving driver routes using real-time stock transportation data
  • Adopt predictive analysis: Achieve greater accuracy in distribution models by incorporating real-time traffic data and freight information to reduce transit time

Speaker Logo Priyanka Deva Global Leader Smarter Supply Chain Analytics-CoC IBM

08:30 - 09:00
Explore the benefits of blockchains in logistics 

With the distributed ledger concept promising to improve security and drive efficiencies throughout supply chains, find out how and why leading companies are embracing this technology.

  • Improve security: Constantly enhance security throughout the supply chain and easily identify attempted fraud with blockchains
  • Provide transparency for customers: Enable customers to make more informed decisions by giving them access to the transaction history locked in each block
  • Gain real-time feedback: Create accurate real-time forecasts, instantly communicate customer feedback to suppliers and manufacturers, and provide information to the supply chain

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Full speaker list • Full conference agenda • Audience breakdown

Supply Chain Focus
08:30 - 09:00
Achieve supply Chain transformation in Asia

Address the complexities in driving the transformation of a supply chain that spans multiple geographies and cultures.

  • Establish a business transformation strategy: Deliver a supply chain overhaul that brings together multiple aspects in one central system, improving efficiencies and reducing customer touch points
  • Align people and processes: Ensure the successful realization of the business case by bringing together goals and implementation efforts within the business
  • Manage the culture: Delegate ownership of elements of the business, from a full unit to a specific product or service, to better motivate employees to fulfill your business goals

Speaker Logo Kamish Mirza Head of Supply Chain Management Asia-Pacific Ericsson

08:30 - 09:00
PANEL DISCUSSION: Manage demand volatility with clear forecasting

With rapid innovations in the consumer electronics industry creating shorter product lifecycles, meet the challenges of this new retail environment while dealing with multiple geographies.

  • Predict product demand: Perform highly accurate inventory planning and forecasting by assessing historical purchase data, consumer behavior and market trends alongside an effective inventory management system
  • Drive down time to market: Learn how to translate forecasting data into action more quickly by automating key sourcing decisions and minimizing staff input
  • Work with short product lifecycles: Redesign conventional collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment strategies to reduce reliance on extended lifecycles

Speaker Logo Scott Phillips Supply Chain Director ECCO

Speaker Logo Dominic Chan Vice President, Order Fulfilment and Planning PCI

08:30 - 09:00
Industry 4.0 technology and the manufacturing supply chain 

As modern supply chains are faced with ever-higher customer expectations, disruptive innovation and competitive pressures, the world of Industry 4.0 promises to transform supply chain management.

  • The Future is smart: Understand how robotics, 3D printing and the IoT can reduce human touch points to drive efficiencies and increase speed to market
  • Drive technology adoption: Take advantage of high levels of consumer technology engagement to seamlessly integrate technical capabilities and future-proof the supply chain
  • Big opportunities for big data: Reduce demand volatility and improve forecasting using data and analytics to streamline manufacturing operations
08:30 - 09:00
Develop new market entry strategies for a changing world

As an eCommerce business in a new market, develop a market roadmap that is tailored to both your business and to the local geography.

  • Establish strategic partnerships: Collaborate across multiple layers to successfully navigate regulations, trade policy and local tariffs and get products to market on time
  • Develop omni-channel operations: Introduce the flexibility to customize content to suit local markets and purchase trends
  • Choose the right shipping solution: Weigh the pros and cons of bringing in a third-party enabler, and understand the customer experience impact this may have

Speaker Logo Carol Chong Director - Logistics Economic Development Board Singapore

08:30 - 09:00
Panel Discussion: Cracking the last mile challenge

With the last mile of the fulfillment process representing 28% of the total cost of moving goods, achieve cost efficiency through innovative logistics solutions.

  • Select the right business model: A marketplace with its own fulfillment process, a 3PL with fulfillment centers or a dedicated last mile delivery company, learn how to keep logistics costs low
  • Deploy the best cross-border strategies: With cross-border commerce booming in APAC, modify your last mile strategy to turn challenges into opportunities
  • Explore innovative delivery models: To meet customer demand and keep costs low, consider the benefits of urban delivery methods, such as locker networks and in-store collection

Speaker Logo Nithipoint Thaiyanurak CEO Box24

Speaker Logo Speaker TBC Ninjavan

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