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Supply Chain & Logistics Content Hub

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Supply Chain Hot Trends to Watch in 2019 Blockchain, automation, artificial intelligence and digitization, 2019 is shaping up to be a year of exciting technological innovation. These are some of the critical trends we have discovered as part of our major industry-wide survey and analysis, all of which has been put into eft’s brand-new report! Get the latest insight into the latest industry trends by downloading the Hot Trends Report now!

2018 Hot Trends Infographic Round up The trends that dominated 2018 are set to continue and evolve in 2019. In light of this massive change, EFT surveyed 765 industry professionals from the world’s largest retailers/manufacturers, logistics service providers, and solution providers, to help you get to grips with the changing market. These answers combined with exclusive insights from Expeditors, DHL, Nike etc

Taking a look into supply chain’s crystal ball The supply chain industry is drastically changing. The rise of “digital supply chain” has created many opportunities and challenges for the industry. To help you keep up with the latest market trends and still have time to do your day job, we have created a succinct three-part report outlining the latest developments in the industry.
The ‘Taking a look into supply chain’s crystal ball’ report features technologies being implemented by early adopters, technology in development, and even technologies that are mostly theoretical but are set to keep transforming the industry.

The 2018 Supply Chain Study AI and Warehouse Robotics are a couple of the buzz words inundating supply chain at the moment. What’s clear is that the industry is changing rapidly at the hands of technology. Beyond the hype, however, fundamental changes are taking place. Download the full report here for an in-depth analysis and benchmark your company against other organizations.

Eft & JDA’s Logistics Report 2018 With the advent of digitalization, the logistics and supply chain industry is getting a complete makeover. Download the Global Logistics Report here for more insight, full statistics and analysis.

Last Mile Report The last mile is bearing the brunt of the eCommerce boom. This is creating a set of unique challenges for all those involved. Demand for last-mile services has increased by 50% in the last 18 months. This has been driven primarily from B2C commerce. B2B, however, is still driving a significant percentage of the growth.
Download the full last mile report to get an in-depth analysis.

Q1 Supply Chain Hot Trends Report With blockchain, cross-border eCommerce and automation hitting supply chain headlines lately, eft surveyed senior executives on how these innovations and others will impact the industry moving forward.
Download the report to find out what trends are shaping the logistics & supply chain industry for 2018

2017 Supply Chain Trends Round-Up Infographic An easy to digest round up infographic of the supply chains hottest trends from 2017. It includes exciting insight from Amazon , Jim Tompkins , Arc Advisory and more!

8 Exclusive Supply Chain Presentations Decision making in the age of supply chain disruption is challenging, so to help you on your digital journey, we’ve shared some of the best innovation presentations from 2017’s 3PL & Supply Chain Summit. Supply chain innovators from Mondelez, Land O’Lakes, IBM and more share their insight into how they are handling change, innovating in the age of disruption and continuing to drive efficiency and agility in their supply chains.

Supply Chain Collaboration Case Studies Collaboration with the customer is at the heart of supply chain success but beginning a collaboration journey can be tricky to achieve. To help you consider different angles and implement ideas into your organization, we’ve shared a few video presentations on collaboration success across different parts of the supply chain. Insight from DHL, Metro, Henkel, Siemens Gamesea and syncreon

Supply Chain Innovation Study eft surveyed 350 senior supply chain executives on their innovation strategies in the 2017 Supply Chain Innovation Study, published in October 2017. The report explores whether companies have formal innovation strategies, what innovation means to executives and the respondents’ average spend on innovation in Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Innovation Presentations eft brings together leaders in supply chain innovation across the globe. We’ve shared some of the most inspiring innovation stories in one place. Click through to access the presentations.

Hot Trends in Supply Chain Supply chain is in a constant state of change today. A perfect storm of huge technological advancement coupled with changing consumer habits has meant that all businesses within the industry are having to adapt. eft have compiled a report of over 300 executive responses in the 2017 Q2 ‘Hot Trends in Supply Chain’ report to help senior executives tackle supply chain change.