Complimentary Webinar

They come together in order to redefine logistics for the sake of customer satisfaction, efficiency and company profitability. We typically see a staggering 65% of our attendees are from logistics companies and retailers/manufacturers– this is NOT a vendor-fest. It is truly a leading gathering for senior supply chain executives to solve their logistics headaches.

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the 2019 Attendee List

Sample Attendee List:

Retailers/Manufacturers Logistics Service Providers
Chief Supply Chain Officer President
Chief Operations Officer Chief Executive Officer
Head of International Supply Chain Chief Operations Officer
Vice President, Procurement Chief Information Officer
Vice President, Logistics Chief Commercial Officer
Senior Director, Warehouse Vice President, Business Development
Senior Director, Network Design Vice President, Marketing
Senior Director, 3PL Supply Chain Solutions Vice President, Information Technology
Senior Director, International Supply Chain Vice President, eCommerce
Senior Director, Supply Chain Planning Vice President, Warehouse
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the 2019 Attendee List

Senior Decision Makers Providing the Answers to Industry Challenges

Meet the industries decision makers
Do business with a cross section of supply chain

Utilize Our Customized Networking App to Maximize Your Time at the Show

What you gain with the networking app:

  • The networking centre is hosted within the app. See who else is attending, connect with peers and schedule meetings.
  • Network more effectively. Instead of perusing a lengthy delegate list, you can select based on mutual interest categories to connect with those that share your goals.
  • We will not print an agenda to collect at registration. Make the most of your time by curating your own agenda via the app to make sure you don’t miss any vital sessions.
  • Plan your time effectively. Utilize the smart scheduling facility helps you connect with fellow delegates only at times that work for both parties!
  • Think smarter about sustainability. Help us by downloading the app as your digital event companion.
  • Engage with speakers. Connect with Slido, the speaker Q&A platform, directly through the app to engage with the experts on stage.


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