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60% of supply chain executives are measuring their transportation and logistics emissions according to New 'Green Transportation & Logistics North American 2008 Report'

eyefortransport recently surveyed over 500 North American supply chain executives to establish what was driving companies to green their transportation and logistics. The resulting 'Green Transportation & Logistics North American 2008 Report' revealed that financial and public relations ROI means that green issues are fast becoming the No.1 priority for companies of all sizes. And, for the 2008 edition, we've taken a closer look at the specific environmental logistics programs companies are setting-up, what software they're investing in, what the drivers for measuring their carbon footprint is, where they see ROI, and how they're avoiding greenwashing.

Table of Contents

I. Index of charts and tables...4
II. Introduction...6
III. Methodology and approach...8
IV. Profile of respondents...8
V. Green priorities and annual revenue...9
VI. Green priorities and transportation and logistics partnerships...12
VII. The growing importance of green issues to transport and logistics processes...14
VIII. Key drivers for instigating green initiatives...15
IX. Effect of supply chain greening on efficiency...16
X. Expected ROI on green initiatives...18
XI. Current and planned green transport and logistics initiatives...18
NEW FOR 2008
XII. Who's responsible for green transportation and logistics?...22
XIII. Level of awareness of environmental programs and initiatives...23
XIV. Carbon footprint measurement software...25
XV. Drivers for measuring carbon footprints...26
XVI. Barriers to green transportation and logistics...27
XVII. Change in scrutiny over corporate green claims...28
XVIII. Effect of US election results on transport emissions regulations...29
XIX. Overall industry implications and conclusions...30

With up to 75% of a company's carbon footprint coming from transportation and logistics, the focus of supply chain greening has shifted towards this area, where the opportunity to make the biggest difference exists. With this in mind, eyefortransport asked respondents to pinpoint what they were doing to green their transportation and logistics, and what effects these initiatives have had.

The timely industry report that resulted revealed that only 2% of respondents designate green issues as unimportant - down from 6% a year ago. The vast majority of respondents, 85%, divulged that over the next three years green issues will become more important to their transport and logistics processes. An amazing 9% identified green issues as their No.1 priority over the next three years, while less than 1% expects a lessening of importance.

Index of Charts and Tables

I. Respondent Industry
II. Respondent Annual Revenue
III. Relative Importance of Green Issues Depending on Annual Revenue
IV. Importance of Green Issues to Companies' Overall Strategy
V. Use of Transportation/ Logistics Partner to Help Green
VI. Importance of Green Issues to Transportation and Logistics Strategy Related to the Use of Logistics Partners
VII. Change of Importance of Green Issues to Transportation and Logistics Processes Over Next Three Years
VIII. Key Drivers for Instigating Green Transportation and Logistics Initiatives
IX. Effect of Green Initiatives on Supply Chain Efficiency 
X. Expected ROI on Green Initiatives Over Next Three Years
XI. Current or Planned Green Transportation and Logistics Initiatives
XII. Specific Current or Planned Green Transportation and Logistics Initiatives 2007
XIII. Specific Current or Planned Green Transportation and Logistics Initiatives 2008
NEW FOR 2008
XIV. Job Title of Person Responsible for Green Transportation and Logistics Initiatives
XV. Level of Awareness of Environmental Programs and Initiatives
XVI. Carbon Footprint Measurement Software Used
XVII. Drivers for Measuring Carbon Footprints
XVIII. Barriers to Green Transportation and Logistics
XIX. Change in Scrutiny Over Corporate Green Claims
XX. Effect of US Election Results on Transport Emissions Regulations


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