Hear from over 60 world class speakers including:

Robert C. Johnson    President and CEO  Purolator Courier

Mitch Jackson   MD International Environmental Programs  FedEx

Chris Corrado  Director of Global Logistics  Tyco

Steffen Frankenberg   VP GoGreen Corporate Development  Deutsche Post World Net

Dave Dwyer   Director Logistics and Environmental Supply Chain   Sharp Electronics

Tim Riordan   VP Supply Chain  Interface

Mark Buckley   VP Environmental Affairs   Staples

R. Gregg Brandyberry   VP Procurement, Global Systems & Ops   GlaxoSmithKline

Louis R. Feretti   Environmental Compliance and SC Social Responsibility  IBM

Uwe Schulte   VP Global Supply Management  Unilever

Kirk Eberhart   Global Director of Supply   Material Sciences Corporation

Charles Twamugabo   Senior Director, Supply Chain   PG&E

Tom Dadmun   VP Supply Chain Management    ADTRAN

Yalmaz Siddiqui   Environmental Strategy Advisor   Office Depot

Bill Hetzel   Supply Chain Logistics Leader   Tom's of Maine

Susan S. Cheng  Exec Dir, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement   Warner Bros Enter.

C. Randall Mullett   VP Government Relations & Public Affairs   Con-way Inc.

Jason Crouch   Director of Procurement   Method Home Products

Matthew Lawrence   Environmental Supply Chain Planner   UPS

Han Dinh   Program Director - Vehicle Engineering  US Postal Service

Terry Cullum   Dir of Corp Responsibility, Environment & Energy   General-Motors

Kevin Owens   Director of Sustainability   Steelcase, Inc.

Tom Easterday   Senior Vice President   Subaru of Indiana

David Love   Director of Industrial Controls   Johnson Controls

Howard A. Learner   Executive Director   The Environmental Law & Policy Center

Colleen Pickford   Mgr Environmental Affairs   Info Technology Industry Council

Kathy Diehl   Program Manager   Energy Star

Chris Jones   Staff Research Associate  Berkeley Institute for the Environment

Aaron Dallek   CEO & Co-Founder   EcoSynergy

Joseph Richardson   Corporate Manager, Environmental Affairs   Coca-Cola

Barbara Chung   Senior Manager, Sustainable Growth   Fiji Waters

Brian Glazebrook   Manager, Supply Chain Social Responsibility   Cisco

Thomas Stedman   Director of Corporate Transportation   Walgreens

Doug Perry Director of Site Services Procurement Boeing

Rick Lawlor   VP Retail Marketing   Microsoft

Loire Martenay   Customer Service and Shipping Centers Manager   Novozymes

Jason Bowman   Director of Logistics  Method Home Products

Shan Hoel   Director of Communications   TransGroup

Mark Bueltman  Mgr Sustainable Supplier Development  American Electric Power

Adrian Vasquez   Executive Director   Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Mckinley Addy   Program Manager   California Energy Commission

Tom Murray   Chief Prevention Analysis  EPA Green Suppliers Network

Karen Khamou   Air Pollution Specialist   California Air Resources Board

John Katz Pollution    Prevention Coordinator    US Environmental Protection Agency

Matthew Payne   Supply Chain Development Manager   EPA SmartWay Program

Greg Aimi   Research Director   AMR Research

Kristen Pierre   Program Manager   EPA Green Suppliers Network

Jerry Hart   Air Pollution Specialist   California Air Resources Board

Tom Wright   Project Manager   Sustainable Business Practices

Daniel A. Hall   Coordinator, Corporate Action Program   ForestEthics

Nan Faessler   Business Development Director   xpedx

Brian Malloy   Sr VP Business Development   Chep

Martha Turner   Senior Associate    Booz Allen Hamilton

Jordan Sampietro   CEO    Sustainable Procurement Strategies

Beth Beloff    President & CEO    BRIDGES to Sustainability Institute

Valerie Chort    Leader, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Practice    Deloitte

Stephen J. Brown    National Consumer Packaged Goods Segment Leader    Deloitte

Paul Tasner   Senior Director – Logistics and Procurement    Method Home Products

Bill Schneiderman   CEO   The Results Group

Sanjiv Malhotra   CEO and President   Oorja Protonics

Glenn Goldstein  Principal  Emisstar LLC

Up to 75% of a company's carbon footprint comes from transportation

and logistics - Do you know how to reduce your environmental impact and

improve your bottom line?


The Green Transportation & Logistics Summit is the only executive conference designed for logistics, transportation and supply chain executives who are charged with the difficult but essential task of measuring and reducing the environmental impact of your company’s operations.  No other event brings together the leading manufacturers and retailers to discuss what is being done, what needs to be done, how to do it, and how it can be accomplished in a way that increases ROI - instead of adding cost to your operation.

This is the only event that will show you how to turn rising fuel and energy costs, and increasingly stringent rules and regulations into opportunities to reduce your bottom line, get ahead of the pack by setting a realistic compliance agenda early, and gain a competitive advantage over those who are not as well prepared.

Here you will learn how environmentally-aware business is not a choice between green and gold: you can have both, as well as a host of other benefits, if you learn what works from those who have revolutionized their own logistics processes and are reaping the financial rewards. 

Learn from the experience of logistics leaders how to:

  • Predict and plan for environmental regulation compliance
  • Build energy-efficiency into your strategic 3PL relationship
  • Find the best way to measure and reduce your logistics carbon footprint
  • Reduce your supply chain’s vulnerability to the availability and price of oil
  • Work with carriers to increase fuel mileage dramatically and clean up truck emissions
  • Maximize cube to reduce trucks on the road and minimize weight and idling
  • Achieve greater sustainability in urban distribution operations, warehouses and DCs
  • Find the intermodal shipping solutions that are right for your distribution needs
  • Reduce potential liabilities and manage environmental risk
  • Learn how to market yourself as green and avoid accusations of green-washing
  • Improve public relations and brand reputation, and build investor interest

PLUS answers to all of your most crucial questions:

  • How to re-design your transport network with green goals in mind
  • What voluntary programs are out there and worth joining
  • How you can control the impact your partners and suppliers have on your environmental footprint
  • How to decide if carbon trading schemes hold the key to your success over the next 3 years
  • Whether Corporate Sustainability Reporting and green marketing will work for or against you
  • How to decide once and for all if there is an ROI in green logistics initiatives for your company - and where and how to find it!

PLUS Exclusive Roundtables on where you can meet the experts and your fellow attendees, and discuss the specific challenges you face in small, focused groups.

PLUS meet with experts on the latest technologies and software for managing and reducing your environmental footprint – carbon footprint measurement tools, fuel management technology, alternative and electric vehicles, sustainable warehousing and more!  The experts on the newest offerings all here one-to-one to help you evaluate your requirements, benchmark your operations and make the right investment decisions for your operation.

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