‘Sustainable Supply Chain: Economics and Implementation’ Report and Livecast Summit CD

Over 30 tables and charts.  Invaluable statistics.  Strategic analysis.  Industry case studies.  A tool to help you understand the why and how of greening the end-to-end supply chain.

EFT’s new ‘Sustainable Supply Chain: Economics and Implementation’ Report is the most comprehensive guide for any company considering introducing or stepping up the environmental initiatives at any point in the supply chain.  Covering green purchasing, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics, the report delves deep into what companies are really investing in, how mature their environmental strategies are, where they’re seeing clear ROI and in what payback period – all to help you determine where are how your money is best spent.

The report sheds new light on:

  • developing a green purchasing strategy
  • sourcing responsible raw materials
  • Design for Environment
  • working with suppliers to go green
  • water sustainability
  • waste management and recycling
  • energy efficient facilities
  • reduced and recycled packaging
  • green manufacturing technologies
  • current and upcoming environmental regulations
  • emissions reduction
  • green fleets and fuels
  • the real carbon footprint measurement facts
  • fuel and load efficiency
  • scanning for modal shifts
  • transport and real estate network optimization
  • reverse logistics
  • working with your partners and LSPs to green collaboratively
  • the government and voluntary programs that can move your initiatives forward… and beyond…

Incorporating overviews by region and mode, including full costing breakdown by start up cost, running cost, operational savings, ROI and payback period, the report will help you fully understand this complex area, and allow you to adapt your company’s strategy accordingly, and use environmentally responsible operations as the catalyst for innovation and success.

The in-depth report will cover all of the following crucial issues:

  • How to set realistic green goals and motivate employees, suppliers and partners to work towards them
  • An overview of the best tools for measuring the carbon footprint, and the technologies to help green your supply chain
  • Case studies and advice on how to determine what is ‘green’ in major spend categories, how to benchmark against your industry, and what metrics are appropriate at each stage
  • Sustainability reporting and how to communicate your efforts and success effectively while avoiding ‘greenwashing’
  • Top tips on overcoming the up-front cost of going green, seeing a return earlier, reducing risk and overcoming internal and external barriers
  • How to select suppliers based on environmental criteria, get the environmental data you need from existing suppliers, and bring them on board as your sustainability partners, no matter what the size of your company
  • How to merge green supply chain best practices with existing supply chain imperatives and focus on the areas that will make you more efficient, more profitable, and improve your corporate reputation
  • How green efforts can offset rising oil and energy costs – and why planning now will mean you stay profitable in a $200/barrel world
  • Understand the long term drivers for going green, what leading companies are doing, how they’re benefiting, and the pitfalls you must avoid along the way that

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