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  Big Data in the Supply Chain June 17-18 | Chicago

Leverage Big Data Analytics to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

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Day One: June 17th

Big Data - A Definition and What it Means for Supply Chain

Big data is characterized by increases in data volume, velocity, variety, and variability, but what does this mean for supply chain and for your organization?

8:45-9:00am - Introduction from the Event Chair

Richard Sharpe, CEO, Competitive Insights

9:00-9:45am - Big Data: Go Big or Go Home?

In this introductory presentation, Lora Cecere, a renowned supply chain expert with unrivalled expertise in the big data supply chain area will educate and prepare you for the changes that big data will bring to your operations.

Lora will define concepts and share insights to help leaders better understand how Big Data strategies can help solve problems in today's supply chain.

Lora Cecere, Founder & CEO, Supply Chain Insights

9:45-10:30am - Managing Food from Farm to Fork, how Big Data is Revolutionizing the Food Industry

This presentation will discuss how the fresh food industry is using data and technology to improve food safety, the supply chain, production and delivery in an effective and integrated fashion.
The presentation will also examine how data is being used to optimize the buying and selling process, and along the way is creating and strengthen business relationships. Safe fresh food is something all consumers expect and the produce industry is using technology to deliver on that promise.

Eric Peters, CEO, FoodLink

10:30-11:00am - Coffee Break in the Networking Area

11:00-11:45pm - Visibility & Overcoming Data Sharing Challenges

To promote visibility right along your supply chain, you first need to effectively gather and analyse your supply chain's very own big data - Improve your internal supply chain visibility by knowing what you're spending with which suppliers to allow you to get the multi-million pound savings which are up for grabs by using big data technologies

Overcome data sharing issues with partners with executive insight from Avnet. As a distributor, Avnet have been honing their supply chain visibility capabilities for over 20 years, creating trust and true partnerships with suppliers and logistics companies alike. Learn how they got started and understand the gains that partner visibility has brought to being able to effectively implement big data technologies.

Douglas Kent, VP Supply Chain, Avnet

11:45-12:45pm - Lunch

12:45-1:30 - Big Data Visibility Panel

Reap the benefits of big data by ensuring that all relevant partners have access to a shared version of the truth - manage your data collaboratively by agreeing on terms of source, authenticity, and timeliness

Leverage your position as your company's big data champion in order to overcome trust issues with suppliers - ensure that your partners understand the customer service and flexibility gains of sharing big data with you in order to mutually increase supply chain efficiency

Douglas Kent, VP Supply Chain, Avnet 
Eric Peters, CEO, FoodLink
Kevin Lawson, Director of Procurement, ACR Supply
Sean Riley, Director - Supply Chain Innovation, Software AG 

1:30-2:15pm - Big Data for Competitive Advantage

How do you establish efficient ways to use "big data" to drive fact-based decisions that continually impact financial performance?

This session will provide unique insights as to how supply chain industry leaders are tackling this problem cross-functionally and how having this capability is providing an ongoing competitive advantage.

Richard Sharpe, CEO, Competitive Insights

2:15-2:45pm - Coffee Break in the Networking Area

2:45-3:15pm - Putting Theory into Practice

Following on from Richard's presentation, Rob Johnson of Atlanta Community Food Bank will guide you through how the application of Richards' concepts.

In this session, move beyond theoretical concepts and learn just how a big data solution can be applied to supply chain. This presentation promises to be frank - exploring both the benefits and pitfalls of Rob's journey so far. Not to be missed!

Rob Johnson, VP of Community Services, Atlanta Community Food Bank

3:15-4:00pm - Enabling Intel's Supply Chain through Effective Analytics

Learn how Intel are using analytics to manage supply chain needs and address the complexity arising from high demand variability, long semiconductor cycle times, technology & manufacturing complexity, and challenging market conditions.

Understand how the company has been successfully leveraging modeling and analytics to ensure it optimizes customer service level with cost by optimizing customer responsiveness, asset and inventory efficiently and effectively.

Hear how Intel has made significant strides in supply chain and continue to transform its supply chain through data based decision making. This presentation will show how modeling and analytics are used at Intel to manage inventory, optimize the supply chain network, manage supplier capacity, supply chain risk and supply chain metrics.

Mani Janakiram, Director, Supply Chain Strategy & Analytics, Intel

4:00-5:15pm - What Does Big Data Mean for your Business? Boardroom-Style Interactive Workshop

In this session, you'll split into groups and complete a task based on the opportunites and challenges of the use of big data in the supply chain. 

Each group will be given a topic and you'll have 40 minutes to debate the it. Later, 2-3 nominated members from each group will take the stage to share their group's thoughts with the audience, giving you a set of actionable take-aways to bring back to the office.

5:15-6:30pm - Networking Drinks

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Day Two: June 18th

8:30-8:45am - Round-Up and Day 2 Introduction from the Event Chair

Richard Sharpe, CEO, Competitive Insights

8:45-9:30am – Big Data: The Techtonic Shift that's Driving Unlimited New Growth

For the first time in human history, we have the ability to leverage machine capability and maximize human productivity through leveraging Big Data tools.  How can we take advantage of this truly game-changing phenomenon?  Steve Gold, EVP – Enterprise Solutions for the Big Data analytics company Opera Solutions, will draw lessons from cutting-edge companies, explaining how they are applying advanced machine learning science to extract valuable predictive Signals from noisy Big Data flows, and using Man + Machine approaches to drive dramatically higher productivity, profit, and advantage.

Steve Gold, EVP – Enterprise Solutions, Opera Solutions

9:30-10:15pm - S&OP- Move from Historical to Predictive Analytics

Move away from a backward-looking S&OP structure - avoid using historical data to plan for the future and instead turn towards a predictive S&OP system that will give your business recommendations at a granular level on all of your resources, sourcing strategies and provide you with an extra layer of insight into your supply chain

Use big data technologies for a predictive S&OP system by providing real or near-real time performance information for store operations, making it possible to correct a bad situation. For example, by knowing that sales on a promoted item have stopped you can warn store managers of empty shelves in real-time


Mani Janakiram, Director, Supply Chain Strategy & Analytics, Intel
Armen Tchilian, Development Director, Quartet FS
Christian Sorget, Manager - North American Distribution, SC Johnson 
Scott Vrablik, Fmr. VP Supply Chain, Rexam

10:15-10:45am - Coffee Break in the Networking Area

10:45 -11:15am - The Logistics Perspective - working with LSPs to ensure streamlined big data practices along your supply chain

In this exclusive presentation, John Langley, Professor of Supply Chain Management at Penn State University, will give you a sneak peek into the findings of the 2014 18th Annual Third Party Logistics Study.

The 18th Study took the subject of Big Data as its focus research area for 2014, surveying and analyzing the responses of both shippers and LSPs to examine the common uses of big data analytics between the two groups, the trends moving forwards and how both parties can better work together on the subject.

John Langley, Professor of Supply Chain Management, Penn State University

11:15-11:45pm - The Logistics Perspective In Practice

In this session, Joel Glende of Abbott will talk through how he's working with his logistics network to promote big data inititiatives on a collaborative level.

Joel Glende, Category Manager, Abbott Strategic Sourcing

11:45-12:15pm – Joint Q&A Session on Logistics and Big Data

Dig deeper into how you can work with logistics partners on big data practices.

John Langley, Professor of Supply Chain Management, Penn State University

Joel Glende, Category Manager, Abbott Strategic Sourcing

12:15-1:15pm - Lunch

1:15pm – Conference Ends

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