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After months of independent research we brought you an agenda focussing on the biggest issues and trends set to change the face of your logistics and supply chain business.

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Day 1: 11th August 2015

7:00 - 8:45 Registration & Networking Coffee


8:45 eft Opening Address

Sophie Farrow, Event Director, eft

8:50 Chairman's Opening Address
Elcio GrassiaElcio Grassia
Global Research Committee Member/Consultant
Apics Supply Chain Council/Integrare Consulting

9:00 Driving your Business Forward in Latin America

Get expert insight on the current and future socio-political and economic trends that will be impacting the logistics and supply chain industry in Latin America. Economic predictions, oil price direction, regime changes…what should you expect for the next 12-24 months and beyond?

  • Examine how population growth and demographic changes can be more important for logistics providers and supply chain than economic growth
  • Get the latest intelligence on what is happening to inflation rates and currency exchanges to ascertain where you should be focussing your operations
  • Take a look at how developments in trade agreements (such as ongoing talks between Mercosur and the EU) could contribute to sustainable economic growth
  • Avoid undesirable tax costs by getting the latest intelligence on legal frameworks , tax regulations and import duties across the region
  • Discuss how you can benefit from the tax cuts in Free Trade Zones (FTZs) in Latin America - what is the best area for your business?
  • Understand the cultural implications of doing business in Latin America to optimise your chances of success

9:30 Tackling  the Talent Shortage: Top Tips for Acquiring, Developing and Maintaining the  Supply Chain and Logistics Elite

9:30 Presentation

Investing in talent has never been more important.  With a rising demand for skilful workers, how can we make the supply chain and logistics industry sexy?  This session will provide you with best practices for talent management to aid you in your quest for the newest and hottest talent.

  • Collaboration: identify how your company can work together with industry associations, academic institutes and career fairs to attract the best talent
  • See how job rotation and mentoring programmes can improve skill development and increase motivation internally
  • Get practical guidelines to help you develop a successful in-house training programme - could creating a supply chain/logistics advisory board in your company be the ideal solution?
  • Gain insights into how you can accelerate your professional growth and become a leader in your field

Fernanda Debellian, APICS Associate Instructor, APICS

10:00 Interactive

Using live polling technology, we will explore:

  • What top skills you should be looking for in your supply chain and logistics candidates
  • The talent management and development practices in your organisation and how they can be improved
  • How you can both gain and retain top talent

10:30 – 11:15 Networking Break

11:15 Overcoming Infrastructure Challenges to Optimise Your Network

11:15 Presentation

Latin America is plagued with infrastructure challenges; in Brazil alone 78% of the country’s roads are in a poor condition, port bottlenecks cause major berthing delays and a small rail network between states causes logistics headaches.  However, an aggressive government investment strategy and increased private financing bodes well for the future.

In these interactive roundtables you will:

  • Evaluate how current and future government investments in the region will be changing the logistics landscape - for example what opportunities does Brazil’s largest logistics investment program hold for your business?
  • Obtain a proven and effective logistics strategy for remote regions and sensitive areas - can you expect the same comprehensive service?
  • Get the facts on public-private partnerships and what changes you can expect in the logistics and supply chain sector - will this have a negative impact on railway and airport operations?
  • Examine the changing nature of intermodal in Latin America - will road freight remain the dominant transportation channel?  How can you ensure you optimise your network to save costs and improve service levels?


  • Get the lowdown on the current rail expansion throughout the region and how this revitalisation will support the growth of rail freight
  • Learn how the potential open access rail concession project in Brazil will affect your cargo delivery costs

Ports and Cabotage

  • Port Santos, the biggest port in Latin America, is struggling with overflow and congestion challenges.  Examine how the future capacity of ports is set to change cabotage and the use of ocean freight

Hector Tamburini, Senior Manager - Commercial at DP World Caucedo will be providing a current and realistic 360 degree review of the Panama Canal and the opportunities it has for your business:

  • See how the Panama Canal will change the logistics landscape by facilitating more cargo movement through its doubled capacity
  • Examine the key challenges associated with the upgrade of the waterway - how will ports cope with admittance of increasingly larger ships? Will near shoring reduce the canal usage and thus impact price competitiveness?
  • Get the lowdown on why the Panama Canal could improve your service offering to your customers through enhanced water networks

Hector Tamburini, Senior Manager – Commercial, DP World Caucedo

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch

13:30 Security - Brazil’s Achille Heel; Best In Class Risk Management Strategies

Poor risk management can impact the ROI and reputation of the whole business enterprise.  In this session you’ll discover how you can build a comprehensive and seamless supply chain risk strategy.

  • Understand the standard logistics provider management practices that can be implemented to mitigate risk such as agreed route profiles, armoured vehicles and known parking for overnight breaks
  • Get up to speed on the latest risk management technologies and assess the roles and responsibilities are of your team – Human element vs Machine capability
  • Improve visibility on tier 2 & 3 suppliers and unfamiliar partners through effective techniques such as supplier mapping, industry accepted surveys and a comprehensive risk and compliance software solution
  • Identify high-risk theft hot spots throughout Latin America and evaluate how you can ensure the safe delivery of your cargo
  • Examine your insurance costs vs transport costs especially when shipping a valuable load – how much should you be expecting to spend on protecting your shipments?
  • Take a fresh look at your relationships with your suppliers and see how through building stronger, mutually beneficial partnerships you can reduce risk

13:30 Presentation

Fred Roldan, Supply Chain & Logistics Director South America, General Motors

13:30 Presentation

Fabiano Fração, Director Operations and IT, TNT Brasil

14:30 Value Added Services and Technology - A Growth Opportunity

14:30 Presentation

Value Added Services providers are growing and adapting to the needs of their clients by adding new services and technology to support brands in their need to satisfy changing consumer behavior.  Join DHL in this short session to learn:

  • How shifts in consumer behavior is driving change within brands to meet new demands.
  • How the Value Added Services market is adapting new technology to support consumer demand and brand challenges.
  • Adapting to new outsourcing models.

Dilson Gavazza, Senior Director Operations, DHL Supply Chain and Gintas Dirse, Manager - Solutions Engineering, Nulogy

14:50 Dissecting the 3PL-Customer Relationship: Key Ways to Cultivate Success

14:50 In Theory Presentation

A fragmented logistics market, with a big saturation of owner-operators in niche markets can create a myriad of problems for 3PL-customer relationships.

This candid debate between 3PLs and their retailer and manufacturer customers will look to provide you with the best solutions to mutually drive your relationships forward.

  • Understand what value added services, such as regional knowledge and specialised customs expertise, supply chain executives are looking for in their Latin American 3PL providers
  • With shorter RFP cycles of 6-12 months now the norm, see how you can work together to extend these  contracts and create a more collaborative and flexible relationship
  • Learn how to reassess your relationships and ensure that the both parties are familiar with the customer’s overall strategies and not just the daily operations
  • Examine who should be responsible for innovation in your 3PL-customer relationship and who should pay for it - best gainsharing models uncovered
  • Debate which key factors are inhibiting or driving the growth of logistics services in the region.  Is working with global or with local players the most successful operating model in Latin America?

Marcos Isaac, President, Modus

15:05 Presentation

Andreas Knierim, VP Demand Planning & Logistics, Robert Bosch

15:30 – 16:00 Networking Break

16:00 Continued: Dissecting the 3PL-Customer Relationship: Key Ways to Cultivate Success

16:00 Presentation

Rodolfo Giotto, Head of Transport LATAM, Pirelli

16:30 Interactive Panel Discussion

In small groups of logistics providers and shippers work together to:

  • Develop essential KPIs that you should be using to improve your 3PL-customer relationships and promote innovation
  • Debate whether customers are preventing 3PLs from innovating
  • Analyse the role of technology in 3PL-customer relationships - how will this impact flexibility and velocity in the future?

Andreas Knierim, VP Demand Planning & Logistics,Robert Bosch,
Rodrigo Z Schmidt
, Sr Manager Supply Chain,Terex
Rodolfo Giotto
, Head of Transport LATAM, Pirelli
Todd Johnson
, Global Vice President - 3PL Business Unit, JDA Software

Moderated by Marcos Isaac, President, Modus

17:15 Modern Logistics - Integrated and Tailored Solutions


Gerald Lee, CEO, Modern Logistics

17:45 Chairman’s Closing Address
Elcio GrassiaElcio Grassia
Global Research Committee Member/Consultant
Apics Supply Chain Council/Integrare Consulting

18:00 Evening Networking Reception

Day 1 Day 2 Top

Day 2: 12th August 2015

7:30 - 8:45 Registration & Networking Coffee


8:45 Chairman’s Opening Address
Hugh WilliamsHugh Williams
Managing Director
Hughenden Consulting

9:00 Logistics Excellence and Global Reach

9:00 Presentation

Carlos Soares, Latam Logistics Implementation Manager, UPS

9:30 Effective Supply Chain Planning to Improve Market Responsiveness and Reduce your Costs

Supply chain planning is a key element to increasing your ROI and boosting agility in the face of today’s market volatility, yet S&OP processes still have room for improvement.  Use this session to understand the top dos and don’ts in supply chain planning from the experts.

  • Know exactly where your business stands in the S&OP maturity scale and determine how your position compares to your competitors
  • Improve interdepartmental working relationships to create a real time customer based forecasts - which functions are involved in the supply chain planning process and which ones should be?
  • Can customer segmentation permit a superior demand planning strategy?  See how aligning volume and demand variability can increase overall profitability and avoid cash-flow leakages
  • Discuss whether adopting an inventory placement optimization strategy can really benefit your business.  Can item-location planning tools really cut out inventory obsolescence  and reduce stock-outs?
  • Examine the frequency of your meetings discussing S&OP processes - is once a month sufficient?
  • Re-evaluate the role of corporate management in supply chain planning projects - should your CEO be fully engaged?
  • Collaboration with customers and suppliers - what crucial metrics should you be using to enhance performance and improve information exchange?

9:30 In Theory Presentation

Hugh Williams, Managing Director, Hughenden Consulting

9:50 Presentation

Jaro Caban, CPN Supply Chain, Cargill Animal Nutrition

10:15 Presentation

Jeferson Fernandes, VP Supply Chain LATAM, Coty

11:15 Continued: Effective Supply Chain Planning to Improve Market Responsiveness and Reduce your Costs

11:15 Presentation

Marcelo Amaral Mendes, LatAm Supply Chain Director, Bayer CropScience

11:40 Interactive Panel

Marcelo Amaral Mendes, LatAm Supply Chain Director, Bayer CropScience
Jeferson Fernandes, VP Supply Chain LATAM, Coty
Jaro Caban, CPN Supply Chain, Cargill Animal Nutrition

Moderated by Hugh Williams, Managing Director, Hughenden Consulting

12:05 E-Commerce Challenges in Logistics and Supply Chain

12:05 Presentation

Gerardo Weiland, General Director, TGestiona

12:35 Supply Chain Architecture - Alignment to Strategy

Elcio Grassia, Global Research Committee Member/Consultant, Apics Supply Chain Council/Integrare Consulting

13:00 Lunch & End of Event

Day 1 Day 2 Top

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