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Covid-19 reshaped the retail landscape in ways no one could have predicted.

Retail was not ready to face the shifts in demand patterns and supply chains were poorly prepared to cope. Retail giants and E-tailers recognised the supply chain as a strategic pillar years ago, dedicated their talent and resource to nurture it and are now enjoying the benefits.

All the glitz and glam of retail means nothing if you’re not able to deliver on time and at competitive prices. Failure to deliver will let down your customers and lose their trust. In a time where trust doesn’t come cheap, a well developed, thoughtfully planned supply chains are the key to customer trust and loyalty.

For many retailers this is the last change to make supply chains a priority or risk extinction. Developing a reliable and agile supply chain takes time and resource – invest and plan now to make sure your business recovers and get back on the path of growth.

With supply chains at the heart of business strategy, this event brings the biggest and smartest of supply chains to transform business and communities.

Why you should attend Retail Supply Chain Virtual:

  1. Long-term recovery strategy - get insights from the world’s best designed retail supply chains and learn the basics that will set you up for the future
  2. Identify new business opportunities – Take advantage of the crisis, challenge outdated business practice and the status quo to find new ways to improve supply chains, your bottom line and the world.
  3. Don’t get left behind - One of the most respected retail events in the US, this virtual event gathers the best and mightiest players in retail to share knowledge, discuss strategy and collaborate

Be the Partner that Retailers Need Now

Retail Supply Chain USA 2020 has the most condensed, varied and senior delegation from retailers and CPG companies you will find anywhere. Get your product In front of them by sponsoring the Event, and be the partner that helps them crack customer trends!

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