Organized by eyefortransport
The 3rd Hi-tech and Electronics Supply Chain Summit
Asia-Pacific - Singapore
October 28-29, 2013, Singapore

Have Business Development Meetings with Pre-Qualified Supply Chain Customers in Just 2 Days

For far less than the cost of individual business meetings, you can meet personally with C-level and VP-level supply chain executives from your target companies. Plus - connect with many more during informal networking times!

We guarantee a senior-level audience of your targets through:

  • Rigorous Pre-Qualification - Every attendee must prove their seniority and spending power to qualify for a ticket
  • Targeted Wishlist Invitations - You tell us which companies you want to meet, and we invite them to attend for free!
  • Solution Matching - We ask every attendee what solutions they're currently seeking, so that you can meet your hottest targets
  • one2one Meetings - You can personally meet with ANY of the confirmed delegates for a private, one2one meeting at the event. Just tell us who you want to meet, and we'll set it up. We'll then personally introduce you on the day!

Speak to Toby & Ross today to discuss which companies you'd like to meet at the Summit, and to see the latest attendee list. Reach Toby Spencer at 1800 814 3459 ex.7168 and Ross Ingram at 1800 814 3459 ex.7505

What are one2one Meetings and How Will They Get Me New Business?

One2one meetings are guaranteed, 20-minute personal meetings between yourself and senior delegates of your choice from the attendee list. These happen at scheduled meeting times during the event and are guaranteed by eyefortransport.

Every delegate who confirms to attend the event signs an online form agreeing to participate in these meetings as part of the terms and conditions of their complimentary pass. They also tell us what purchasing power they have and which solutions they are seeking.

It's cost-effective business development. Just think how much it would cost to fly and meet dozens of potential clients individually! At the Summit, we bring new business to you!

Meetings step-by-step:

  1. Build your Solution Profile - When you confirm for the Summit, we will work with you to design your Solutions Profile, which explains to end users who you are, what services you offer and how you can help them improve their business.
  2. View the Attendees - 12 business days before the Summit, we will provide you with a full list of the confirmed end users, as well as details of which solutions they are responsible for, and where they're currently investing.
  3. Select Your Meetings - 9 business days before the Summit, you select your meetings directly from the confirmed attendee list.
  4. Review & Confirm your Meetings - We prepare your optimised meetings schedule based not only on your preferences, but also based on end users who have directly requested you and your services. You then have 2 days to review and confirm your meetings, and make any necessary adjustments, BEFORE the schedules are sent to the end users.
  5. Confirm with end users - eyefortransport then sends the meetings schedules to the end users, and follows up directly with each participant to confirm their meetings.
  6. Meet on the Day - At the Summit, we physically bring the end users to you at the designated time, in the dedicated meetings area.
I found the event to be a very cost effective way of meeting with new and existing clients.

Ross Woodburn, Senior Director of Sales - Europe, Dex

Don't risk wandering around the event looking for your next client - call Toby & Ross to book your one2one meetings TODAY.

Toby Spencer
Toby Spencer
Head of Business Development
US toll free: 1800 814 3459 ex.7168
CAN toll free: 1866 996 1235 ex.7168
World phone: +44 (0)207 375 7168
Ross Ingram
Ross Ingram
Director of Business Development
US toll free: 1800 814 3459 ex.7505
CAN toll free: 1866 996 1235 ex.7505
World phone: +44 (0)207 375 7505
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