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71% of manufacturing executives believe the cost of greening the manufacturing process is getting lower, and the potential profit higher according to New 'Green Manufacturing: Adoption and Implementation 2008 Report'

EFT recently surveyed over 300 global manufacturing executives to establish what was driving companies to green their manufacturing operations. The resulting 'Green Manufacturing: Adoption & Implementation 2008 Report' revealed that financial and public relations ROI means that green issues are fast becoming a top priority for companies of all sizes. Looking closely at adoption drivers, barriers and payback, the report sheds new light on the manufacturing community's take on environmental best practices.


Table of Contents

I. Index of charts and tables...4
II. Introduction...5
III. Methodology and approach...5
IV. Profile of respondents...6
1. Respondent Industry
2. Respondent Location
V. Compatability of traditional business objectives and CSR...7
VI. Environmental regulations faced by manufacturers...8
VII. Green manufacturing progress...9
VIII. Energy efficiency investments in manufacturing operations...10
IX. Corporate drivers for green manufacturing...11
X. Customer demands for environmental data...12
XI. Measuring the manufacturing carbon footprint...13
1. Measurement
2. Barriers
3. Software adoption
XII. Green manufacturing benefits and strategy...16
1. Key benefits
2. Strategic procedures
3. Optimization strategies
XIII. Green manufacturing, efficiency and product quality...18
XIV. Green manufacturing ROI...19
1. Shifts in ROI
2. Cost-benefit analysis of eco-products
3. Expected expansion of green manufacturing
XV. Sustainable manufacturing resources...21
XVI. Overall industry implications and conclusions...22
XVII. EFT's Green Manufacturing Conference...23

77% of manufacturing executives believe energy prices will rise significantly next year, and that energy efficiency practices need to be boosted – but how many know what actions to take to green their manufacturing operations? It was with this in mind that EFT asked respondents to pinpoint the real green manufacturing initiatives and technology they're investing in, and what the key results and ROI have been.

The timely report revealed that a full 95% of respondents believe that green manufacturing will continue to expand, 43% say that environmental initiatives are improving their efficiency and product quality, and a surprising 66% believe there to be a market for more expensive and greener products in their industry.

Index of Charts and Tables

I. Profile of respondents by Industry
II. Respondent Company Location
III. Compatibility of Traditional Business Objectives and CSR
IV. Environmental Regulations Faced by Manufacturers
V. Green Manufacturing Progress
VI. Energy Efficiency Investments in Manufacturing Operations
VII. Funding Energy Efficiency Improvements
VIII. Corporate Drivers for Green Manufacturing
IX. Customer Demands for Environmental Data
X. Measuring the Manufacturing Carbon Footprint
XI. Manufacturing Carbon Footprint Measurement Software Adoption
XII. Key Benefits of Green Manufacturing
XIII. Strategic Procedures for Greener Manufacturing
XIV. Green Manufacturing and Optimization Strategies
XV. Green Manufacturing, Efficiency and Product Quality
XVI. Shifts in Green Manufacturing ROI
XVII. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Eco-Products
XVIII. Expected Expansion of Green Manufacturing
XIX. Sustainable Manufacturing Resources


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