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Conference Agenda

Develop your digital transformation strategy
The evolution of the Logistics CIO: Living through a global digital transformation

Hear unique insights from Raben’s CIO Slawomir Pawlak, as he shares his 20 years’ experience of industry (and organisational) change

  • The progression of the CIO: From back office IT to helping drive technological and operational strategies in the business
  • Operational agility: Learn how to adapt fast, using the most suitable digital capabilities and data available to you to deliver improved operational efficiencies in the capricious logistics industry
  • Collaboration for an effective flow of information: Learn how sharing accurate, regulated data across a multinational company can enhance your operational speed and service to customers

Raben Group Slawomir Pawlak CIO Raben Group

Panel Discussion: Design a comprehensive digital logistics strategy
  • An appropriate digital strategy: Learn how CIOs can formulate an effective digital logistics strategy, that takes advantage of new tech opportunities to ensure the company exceeds customer demands and increases operational efficiencies
  • Shaping a digital strategy, reshaping the IT budget: Learn ways to effectively balance both budget and business expectations to drive an effective digital transformation
  • Complete company buy-in: Discuss how the success of a digital transformation strategy depends on all departments (not just the IT team) being engaged in driving change, from sales and marketing to board-level management


Lufthansa Cargo Jochen Göttelmann CIO Lufthansa Cargo

Coyote Logistics Cameron Ramsdell CTO Coyote Logistics

Panel Discussion: Refocus the blockchain discussion towards the specific benefits for the logistics industry
  • Tangible, real-life examples: Explore how elements of blockchain technology can be applied to specific areas of the logistics industry (such as smart contracts) to lower costs and remove unrealistic talk of full-scale implementation
  • Secure sharing for combined success: Assess the RoI of collectively storing specific data on a blockchain, to control the sharing of data with trusted and relevant parties
  • The bigger supply chain picture: Understand the wider impact and benefits for you and your customers of blockchain implementation, from efficiency improvements to security

Speaker to be announced soon

Collaborate with customers to deliver on their demands
The rise of the customer platform: Encouraging digital collaboration
  • Speed, convenience and visibility: Explore how to grow your digital infrastructure and upgrade business processes, by developing customer portals to remain flexible to your customers’ key demands
  • Driving business growth: Learn how platforms can not only facilitate smoother operations, but also drive sales and business growth by effectively digitalising the marketing of assets and services – e.g. with the Imperial-backed ShareHouse platform for available warehouse space
  • Automate to drive efficiencies: Discuss how digital platforms can facilitate activities such as automatic documentation admin and invoicing, so you can free up your human workforce to deliver on tasks that require a human touch

Imperial Logistics Michael Lütjann CIO Imperial Logistics

Panel Discussion: Collaborate with your customers to drive mutual success
  • Align strategies for shared benefits: Discuss ways to improve data sharing activities, and position yourself as a strategic partner to your customer
  • Streamline operations with data: Hear which key data is necessary to create more transparency, streamline operations and improve processes for predicting and planning peak season requirements
  • Collaborate to innovate: Look at the importance of working with your customers to innovate and implement technologies securely, that can help align strategic goals through greater visibility and transparency

4PL Central Station Mathias Dollak CSCO 4PL Central Station

Senator International Dirk Bauerfeld CEO Senator International

Airbus Luis-Miguel Del Saz Rodriguez Head of Digital Transformations Ordering & Logistics PZ Airbus

The impact of the Digital Single Market strategy
  • The EU Commission’s Digital Single Market: Find out what the European Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy means for you and your data
  • Standardisation is key: Learn how the developing data standardisation will enable the necessary collaboration in last mile delivery, and how this will affect the way supply networks for cross-border goods flow are organised
  • Transforming information exchanges: Explore how the 2021 eCommerce tax regulations will transform how data for cross-border commerce must be exchanged, and hear case studies from countries already complying with the new EU regulations

GS1 Jaco Voorspuij Senior Manager Transport & Logistics GS1

Enhance your systems’ agility & security
Overcome the barriers to digital transformation caused by legacy IT systems
  • Incrementally transitioning away from legacy systems: Explore how to effectively incorporate your legacy systems’ phase-out process into your new digital strategy, to negate inefficiencies and limit upkeep costs
  • Inhibiting the advancement of analytics: Understand the full extent to which a legacy system limits your operational progress, when it can’t cope with huge reams of data and the required analytics that will create value from this information
  • The risk of legacy systems: Assess the impact of incompatibility with modern cyber security standards, and the implications this could have for you and your customers

Speaker to be announced soon

Enhance your speed, visibility and agility with a cloud-based TMS
  • Smooth system evolution: Explore ways to incorporate cloud-based operations that are agile, scalable and offer continuous development capabilities, in contrast to the limited capacity of older, hardware-based systems
  • Gain real-time 360-degree visibility: Learn how a cloud-based logistics strategy can improve communication, helping identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies earlier and enabling you to react faster
  • Secure your sensitive data in the cloud: Discuss the critical requirements for securing your information in the cloud, and how to minimise the risk to your data by using an evolving cloud security strategy

Speaker to be announced soon

Panel Discussion: Cyber security: Securing your network in the digital age
  • Where are your security weaknesses? Proactively identify threats and build a robust cyber security strategy, as evolving cyber security threats continue to cause disruptions
  • Mitigate risks:Explore the cyber security tools and strategies that LSPs are employing throughout their networks, including micro-segmentation and flexible cloud strategies
  • Educate and empower your employees:Learn how to create awareness in your organisation about the importance of cyber security, and foster a culture of active engagement in protecting against attacks

Zinnovate Håkan Nilsson CEO Zinnovate

Deciphering the power and value of data
Predictive Analytics: Unlock your digital future through data
  • Effective data management: Understand the critical data inputs - historical and real-time - to create a data management strategy with accurate and formatted data to facilitate predictive analytics tools
  • Enhanced decision-making: Explore how companies can take the value of their data further by employing real-time data sets, to improve the calibre and accuracy of the organisation’s performance indicators and suggest changes to optimise processes
  • The future of analytics: Explore how AI and future technology will help automate decision-making - such as package re-direction – giving humans greater time to add value to the business

Speaker to be announced soon

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Reduce inefficiencies to increase activity
  • Extract actionable insights: Learn how using RPA to automate the accumulation of data will speed up your overall predictive analytics strategy, by improving the standardisation of data sets for analysis
  • A scalable and agile RPA infrastructure: Discuss how a strong infrastructure can maintain a consistently high level of data intelligence, regardless of fluctuations in capacity and requirements, to enhance your business’ growth
  • Driving increased productivity: Explore the benefits of introducing RPA processes to your organisation in terms of staff productivity and improved customer service, with technologies such as chatbots

Ahlers Sven Verstrepen Head of Supply Network Innovations & Analytics Ahlers

Innovate today for success in the future
Panel Discussion: How to devise an effective and secure technology innovation strategy
  • Achieving long term transformation success: Formulate a strategic roadmap of innovation that does not impede the running of your current operations, and balances the demands of your long and short-term objectives
  • Choose the best technologies for your business: Ascertain which new technologies will deliver the greatest value to your organisation by aligning your overall digital strategy goals with direct customer feedback
  • Remain secure during adoption:Explore the vulnerabilities that can occur during implementation processes and how companies can best keep their data and systems secure from cyber attacks

Asyad Sanjeev Madavi Director Technology, Oman Logistics Center Asyad

Port of Amsterdam Jan Egbertsen Innovation Manager Port of Amsterdam

Innovation Labs: Develop a culture of creativity
  • The value of an innovation lab: Learn how the innovation lab at Gebrüder Weiss drives new ideas and initiatives forward in a purpose-built environment that encourages change
  • Cross-industry pollination of ideas: Explore the benefits of sharing successful technological innovations, and learnings from failures, between different industries to improve your internal operations in unexpected ways and provide customers with enhanced services
  • Consistently add value: Understand the importance of balancing resources between innovation projects that drive brand-new advancements, like customer portals, and those that solve an inefficiency within your operations

Gebrüder Weiss Andreas Pichler Head of Innovation Gebrüder Weiss

Panel Discussion: How tech-driven start-ups are changing the logistics landscape
  • Redefine logistics for the digital age: Discuss how start-ups are transforming the logistics industry by approaching old problems in new, innovative ways and promoting a culture that embraces change instead of resisting it
  • Explore the benefits of collaboration and acquisition: Consider the value for logistics providers in working with start-ups to gain from their technological expertise, organisational agility, and disruptive capacity to create quick successes
  • Use disruption to scale up in the logistics market: Explore how incorporating start-up processes and tech advantages will bring disruption and digitalisation together to help you advance in an industry that is dominated by huge players that are investing in - and building - technology within their own strategies

Unimasters Nikolai Bozhilov CEO Unimasters

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